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October 9, 2010

I recently did a photo shoot for a band called HERE at Bennett College in Millbrook, NY. It was a two hour drive from where I live, but it was totally worth it. Bennett College was a women's college founded in 1890 and abandoned in 1978 due to bankruptcy. Although there is significant decay, the building is still standing and it is now surrounded by a residential community. 

On a beautiful sunny autumn day, the band and I "broke into" the ruin and conducted photo shoots, mostly on top two floors, because almost all lower floors were pitch dark. Even though almost all the furniture and files had been taken out, the ruin still gave a feminine vibe. Many of the rooms were painted in bright colors (like yellow and pink) and there were remnants of elegant curtains still hanging in the windows. 

The view of the building from the outside was also spectacular. It is located on a small hill overlooking a great lawn where we caught glimpses of a few deer eating grass. For more information, you can read here. To look at the band shoot photos, click HERE, and for my artwork, click here.